Sunday, November 14, 2010

James Dean

Been on a break for some time. Had a few projects within the past year but nothing spectacular. Just basic story boards which is what my main focus has been on for some time now. I will be working on a new approach to this art career. Working on some sketches for a new childrens book. Well this one I did was done in one night and I used an overlay of a scanned toned canvas to give it some texture. Got the idea from a friend of mine a while back. Thanks Jason.


SEILER said...

Looks great man!

the human robot. said...

I just randomly stumbled upon your! I love it! I'm currently pursuing my Bachelor's in Illustration and I just got into drawing caricatures. After checking out your work, and a period of being incredibly lazy with my own work, I feel really inspired to make more progress in my pieces. I was even inspired to resurface my old blog account from several years ago just so I could make this very comment! I would love to commission you for some idears I have brewin'! :D

Jay Farley said...

Well send me your email and we can have a chat.