Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gadgets are still down.

So I still havent gotten my Wacom Tablet fixed so no quick posts yet. Im currently working on a few oil paintings that I want to get a showing of by next month for Artist month. October is the main month every year where there are many gallery openings for new artists as well as established artist. I'll post something once I know where the showing will be at. Just still trying to come up with the money to get all my gadgets fixed where I can do more digital work. Soon I hope. So here is one Im am currently working on. Still in progress and my camera distorts my paintings sometimes so the perspective on this one is a little off. I'll have a professional one photographed once this one as well as the other one is finished. They are going to be a series of erotic images but nothing too graphic. Doing something different with the skin tones on all of them.