Friday, January 23, 2009

Ohh Yes It's Reese

Had to do it. I love this girl but she has such features you can play on. I just started cracking up once I started this. Cant wait to finish it. Should have it done by Saturday. Wish I didnt have a regular job so I could just play with my art every day. Well just started this one. Oh.... about two hours into this one. Shouldn't be no longer than another couple hours to have it finshed. I'm going to do a series of caricatures of actors that I see certain traits in. Im thinking the next one is going to be Mickey Rourke. One of my favorite actors but the dude has had his face stretch back a bit too much. Thats going to be a lovely time working on him. Might add a few props in there with him as well. Basically right now Im working on faces. I'll the rest of their bodies in there later as well as a background every so often.

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