Thursday, October 9, 2008

Presidential Candidates Illustration

Finally finished with this one. It took me forever its seems like. Pulled a few all-nighters. I definately need to get up to speed but I was also working on a couple of other things as well, such as the Paul Newman and a couple oil paintings in progress. I am very proud of this one. Going to send it out to a few political mags and some others.

THis one shows how Biden and Palin were taking the spotlight away from McCain and Obama, I love how they are behind the curtain with certain confused or aggressive expressions on there faces. I made them two more caricature like than Palin and Biden for the same reason. Thanks for the idea Jason.


Jason Seiler said...

Looks cool man!

J. Anthony Kosar said...

Good job man, you captured them well! Good luck when sending them out!

Edo draaijer said...

Nice job. Especially like biden! Great composition.